Martian Mountains, Sistan & Balochistan, Iran

I’m Nicole- Mostly a wanderer turned photographer, alpinist, and geopolitics nerd who has gone on to document some of the most isolated and misunderstood corners of the planet and to eventually found the travel company Safar Expeditions. In 2010 I took my first real overseas backpacking trip that eventually led down a rabbit hole into the photography world from which I never really looked back.

Travel photography has opened up a number of doors for me, taking me to far off places to run campaigns alongside tourism boards and aid foundations, work in tourism development in Central Asia and the Middle East, and finally on to cut my teeth as an expedition leader in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Egypt, and Iraq.

My work tends to blend landscape and nature with cultural and human elements, all things that I have become quite passionate about over the past several years of exploring everything from the high peaks of the Bam i Dunya in Tajikistan to the depths of the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica.

When not on the road I’m usually based between Southcentral Alaska and Dushanbe, Tajikistan.